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Force majeure clause

The Seller is entitled to suspend the fulfillment of its contractual obligations and is not in arrears with the fulfillment of its obligations for the period of force majeure circumstances for which it is not objectively able to meet its contractual obligations.

Force majeure includes natural disasters, declared mobilization, conflict, blockade, epidemic, pandemic or declared administrative measures by public authorities affecting the fulfillment of contractual obligations (especially ordered quarantine or closure of the supplier or customer, prohibition or restriction of business activity, closure or restriction of border crossing, disruption of the supply and demand chain with regard to the lack of raw materials, components, spare parts, deliveries on time, etc.).

In the event that this "force majeure circumstance" occurs or threatens, and for this reason the fulfillment of any contractual obligation under the Buyer's order is endangered, the Seller is obliged to notify the Buyer of this circumstance immediately after finding it and specify what possible effects this circumstance will have on fulfillment of contractual obligations.

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