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About the Company

UNITHERM, s.r.o. is an aluminum foundry that has nearly 1350 products in its portfolio. The foundry has two technologies - casting into sand molds and casting into metal molds. The method of casting depends on customer's demand, required quantity, complexity of the casting and, last but not least, quality requirements. Depending on customer´s requirements it is possible to co-operate on modifications and to propose changes in design of individual casting.

When the castings is cast, operations such as trimming, grinding and shot blasting are performed. If the customer requests so, additional operations such as machining, thermal processing, impregnation, leakage test by helium and semi-assemblies can be provided. In cooperation, we are able to provide application of coating and application of hard or soft anodized surface.

Since 1991, UNITHERM, s.r.o. has also been an important player in the Czech heating plant industry. Currently, the company concentrates on sales of Kamstrup heat meters and Nivolair heating destratificators.

One of the important strategic areas of UNITHERM s.r.o. is harmonising business activities with sustainable development. The company management has shown an unceasing commitment to reducing negative environmental impact and permanent improving of the environmental protection. The ČSN EN ISO 14001 certification is an evidence of our commitment to environmental protection.

Quality of provided goods in accordance with the ČSN EN ISO 9001 certification is another area of utmost priority for the UNITHERM s.r.o. Specifically, the certification applies to the company's quality management system for casting aluminium alloys into sand moulds, metal moulds, low-pressure moulds and impregnation of castings.

Last, but not least, the company is also SVTI certified. This means UNITHERM is an approved supplier of products for high-voltage industries.